Footage from The Austin Open [10-13-12]

Match 1 – Under 185 pounds

Match 1 – Absolute Division

Match 2 – Absolute Division

Match 3 – Absolute Division

So I lost my first match in my purple belt division.  And then I got first place in the purple belt absolute division.  My opponents were super tough, and I’m still relatively sore (four days out).  I’ll give you guys a proper write-up of the tournament soon — no later than this coming Wed.  The competition was pretty good.  The tournament was run smoothly.  The reffing, though, was absolutely AWFUL. I have quite a few thoughts on a number of avenues.  Oh, and my team also did extraordinarily well — which is always nice.

Thanks for reading (more watching this time around).  I’ll have another post up soon, soon, soon!


6 thoughts on “Footage from The Austin Open [10-13-12]

  1. After watching these I conclude, I could never do what you do and we are most definitely not allowed to grapple, you and I. I like badminton…thoughts?

    • I have been waiting for an opportunity to grapple with you for many years, unfortunately. Being shut down in so public an arena has now given me the impulse to lock myself in my room for a few weeks, watching Bill Murray movies and eating peanut butter from the jar.

      But sure, I guess we can play badminton instead. I guess.

  2. youre looking good justin! yah even just watching your matches the refing was … odd. the match you lost, i only watched once but couldnt figure out why you lost? was it like, “refs decision” or something? maybe i just missed something.

    i felt a lot of empathy for those poor souls trying to fuck around in your guard. and you showed some quick scrambly shit i didn’t know you had in you with mr. red gi! all over that fool. did his guillotine attempt have anything on it or was it just a straight up bad choice?

    lots of stripes on these other guys belts too man. congratulations!

    • The first match I lost 0-3. The ref gave him points for ‘passing the guard.’ I think it’s fairly obvious even to objective observers that the guy did NOT pass my guard. He almost passed it though, enough to earn an advantage. And that itself is still enough to win the match, of course — but I don’t take losing by an advantage to the guy who went on to win first place nearly as hard as losing 0-3.

      The guy in the red gi was, in my opinion, my best opponent. His guillotine attempt, however, did not have anything on it. If the audio had not mysteriously disappeared, you’d be able to hear both his corner telling him how to finish it, and him expressing frustration at being unable to (because I was too tall).

      Man, I did do a fair bit of scrambling in that match, huh? I try really hard to be so technical while training that you and the rest of the team rarely ever see me do anything along those lines. Those damn guys were so much bigger than me (in terms of weight) though. So I was super paranoid about finding myself on bottom and being squished into oblivion, and fought to stay on top at all costs. Believe me, I felt it the next morning.

      Thanks for the compliments, Tommy. I hope all is well in your travels, man.

  3. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

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