Short Entry This Week

First, I need to give a big congratulations to the members of my team, Seth Belisle, Vidush Rana, and Rebecca Varady, who had the stones, the mettle, the moxie to put it on the line at the World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship this past weekend. If any of the three of you noticed an overly-large, translucent and disembodied, floating head cheering you on from the stands, that was me.

“Drown your opponents in the bathtub, Seth. Insolence is not tolerated at Gracie HumaitáAustin.”

And while my brave teammates did not have outcomes for which they had so doggedly trained, they are still better than they were two months ago. They know a little more about themselves, about their limits, about what needs to be fixed in their game, and what the competition is like at the highest level. Next year, we’ll come back stronger.

Going to have to cut this entry short. What’s new? André Galvão was disqualified from competing this past weekend for arguing with a ref, and subsequently flipping his shit. It was, by all accounts, terrifying. I mean, how would you feel when one of the most talented BJJ practitioners in the world started flipping out while talking to you? How quickly would you resort to begging and pleading? How quickly would you call the goddamn police, “I’m about to be murdered by a rampaging, gorilla of a dangerous man!”?

Rodolfo Vieira did not face Roger. Roger, apparently, has made the full transition into MMA and, thusly, did not compete at the Mundials. I’m pretty disappointed that my dream match is, well, just that – a dream. Dammit.

Thanks for reading. Next week, my blog will be a year old. Expect celebrations.


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