Winter Wars 2008

It’s been somewhat of a busy week for someone like me, someone who dedicates 90% of their time to hobbies. At the moment, I’m not exactly up to writing something incredibly thoughtful. Forgive me, my audience.

But I’m already a day late and can’t just abdicate my responsibility to the blog. I won’t leave you empty-handed. Here’s a match which proves I was a blue belt four years ago.  This is from The Carlos Machado Winter Wars Tournament, 2008.

The strangest part, to my eyes at least, is I did then almost exactly what I would try to do to him now. Mmm, yes I’m watching the match now and the statement, more or less, stands. What would I change? If I had that match today, at 1:05 I would have gone for the Kimura before transitioning into the far-side armbar, only because (a) it’s low-risk, (b) it comfortably leads into the far-side armbar, if you have to bail, and (c) it’s one one of my favorite moves.1

Enjoy your Thursday.


1. I feel I must mention that, in particular, it looks like there was a distinct opening for a Kimura applied from the same side. That’s a little higher risk though, in that it’s fairly common to have to drop everything and return to maintaining sidemount if your opponent defends.


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