Atomic Athlete Austin

Gracie Humaitá Austin has moved to a new location in East Austin, last Monday. Our new home, the ‘Atomic Athlete’ gym is a 3000 ft^2 facility populated with all manner of foreign-to-me equipment and staffed by coaches whose stated purpose is to make their athletes “stronger, faster, harder to kill.”1 While I have never used their equipment or workout regimes, there is a guy on our team who’s been training with them for some time. And this little brown man is a dynamite-jointed, John Saxon bodyslammin’, “He’ll knock yuh to tomorrow, Rock,” Vietnamese, yoked-dynamo. His physical abilities are proof enough that their expertise is relevant. Seriously.

[Technically the wrong movie, but hopefully you get the idea.]


After having a tight-knit group of ten (or so) these six months, we now have seventy (70) additional students in enrollment. I, for one, did not anticipate such an enthusiastic response from both the public and fellow practitioners in the area. Well, I guess I’m not really sure what I anticipated…to be perfectly honest. But it does indeed seem like “The days when a dozen students in a class counted as busy” are gone! New and exciting days, my audience.

This past Monday was my first opportunity to see the new school with all the new people. There were approximately thirty students, about an even mix of new and familiar faces. After a nice warm-up, we covered some self-defense – how to escape a rear bear-hug (over your own arms). As always the case with Mr. Park, the emphasis is on actually trying to escape. By that I mean, having this person actually grabbing you, attempting to maintain the rear bear-hug; and you struggling through their resistance and actually executing the technique. I can’t imagine the strange, mixed up feeling of exhilaration and ‘holy crap, that guy is almost certainly injured’ I would feel if I ever successfully executed this technique in a real self-defense situation.

Here we have Jake Whitfield and assistant illustrating the technique for us. Starts around 1:34.

There were several more things we learned that day, which I do not have the time to detail here. But yes, new and exciting days. If you’re in the Austin area, do not miss the opportunity to swing by. You won’t regret it.

One Team. One Family. One Legacy.  Gracie Humaitá Austin



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