Karate Chop Writer’s Block

When I don’t have anything to say, I peruse the internet until I figure out something worth saying, worth writing, worth being read. Though sometimes, just sometimes, I find the bottom of the internet before finding something to say. While I am unsure as to whether this video is worth five minutes of your time, I, for one, could neither turn it off or look away.

Now, having watched that video, I kinda want to be the very model of a modern major-general.  And I don’t even know what that means!

The San Antonio Abu Dhabi Pro-Trials is set to begin next Saturday, November 26th. A sponsor was nice enough to take care of the registration fee for me yesterday. So I am definitely going. No turning back now – despite my desperate longing for turkey and ham and stuffing and mashed potatoes and the like. A man, for pity’s sake, cannot live on pizza from across the street alone.1

Piecing together what happened with the facts, I am almost certain this is what happened to my ankle.

You know, minus the whole me-being-Cro-Cop thing…and my teammate (a) kicking me straight in the face and (b) being Gonzaga thing. It was a bad fall from a single-leg, and a total accident. To borrow a phrase used about jiu-jitsu by a man wiser than I, “It’s not a cooking class.”2

Unfortunately, I must cut this entry short. Sorry my audience, and thanks for reading!  Until next Wednesday!3


1. Though I am thoroughly testing the limits of that statement.

2. Surprisingly – or not – things can go wrong in kitchens too:

3.  I’m holding myself to the deadline this week, I swear!


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