Different Name, Same Great Taste

“Gracie Legacy” has officially changed its name to “Gracie Humaitá Austin.” To briefly take the liberty of speaking for the whole team, we are honored to stand steeped in tradition as official representatives for the oldest legacy in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. We are the first affiliate in Austin. We are the first affiliate in Texas. And we will lead the charge with a pumping punk rock fist.1

This is somewhat old news. Sorry, we changed our name right before I left for New York City and Toronto.

What else is new? There’s a tournament coming up!


A few days ago, word came down the pipeline that we, Gracie Humaitá Austin, are showing up.  Yesterday I double-checked the rumor, just to be sure.  Yes, we are going; and thaaat means I’m competing in one month’s time.  We’ll see if I can’t get one of my teammates to tape my matches.  Then you, my audience, will be able to bask with me in my glory.2

Otherwise, there’s not much to report about this week.  Hmmm, I haven’t written about either science or writing in a while, have I?  Alright, something along those lines is coming soon.

And what kind of aspiring writer would I be if I didn’t occasionally push the boundaries of comfort?

Have a Happy Halloween everybody.


1. We may lead with a pumping punk rock fist. Or we may not.

2. Or wallow with me in the endless mires of failure.


One thought on “Different Name, Same Great Taste

  1. I realized that the title takes on a whole new meaning when the post has a photo of me dressed like a woman. Said meaning was, uhm, unintentional, to say the least. But screw it, I’ll run with it.

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