JJW In Canada

The Blog Entry In Which The Jiu-Jitsu Wanderer Travels

My friends, my audience, you will have to forgive the coming radio silence. About two months ago, I got an invitation to celebrate a friend’s 28th birthday in Toronto. The plan actually is to meet in New York City and drive the eight hours to Toronto. Road trip? Oh hell yes, son.

Who has two thumbs and a serious, possibly terminal, Dean Moriarty complex?

This guy. This guy right here.1

While I’ll probably just be in The City for a night or two, I will almost certainly get to do some training in Toronto. This will also be my first trip to Canada. Sooo I’ll be sure to take a few photos, eat some Poutine, snow, the-way-they-say-‘about,’ and Universal Healthcare.2 Pretty excited abooot everything, and will make a post-trip entry chronicling the adventure in about 10 days.



1. I know that you can only see one thumb in this photo. But I have two.

2. Yes, I said I would eat snow, the word ‘about,’ and Universal Healthcare.


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