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I received a legitimate piece of congratulations for my work at the tournament a month ago.1 Well, that’s not quite it. But I don’t feel like deleting the first sentence, and will instead carry on. I should say, rather, that the accomplishments made by myself and another competitor at said tournament were acknowledged on our team’s website a few days ago. It’s an eloquent, dramatic piece written with the flourish for which its author is known.2 I read it, and felt honored to have played that particular role on that particular day for my academy.

But it just does not ‘feel’ right to excerpt what was said about me here, strange as that may (or may not) sound. And yet at the same time, I wanted to share some of the writing with you. If you instead, my audience, will allow me an opportunity to dodge this presented opportunity for immodesty while still sharing some of what was written, I present you with a few paragraphs about my friend and teammate:

“Pitted against opponents who outweighed him by up to 100 lbs, Vidush stood strong and faced his opponents without regard for any perceived disadvantage. He handily defeated his first two opponents and found himself in the finals against a strong opponent, the winner of the heavyweight division.

As the final match began, his opponent took on the role of the aggressor, keenly aware of how much Vidush had dictated the pace of his earlier matches. Hell bent on passing, the heavyweight moved swiftly from side-to-side matched the pace and moved deftly to defend his opponent’s attempts to pass, threatening with a constant barrage of submission attempts. And while Vidush was successful in unbalancing his opponent regularly, in the end, their efforts were equal, and the match ended tied – 0-to-0. A judge’s decision went to the heavyweight and Vidush walked away slightly short in his goal, but still triumphant in his campaign to test his technique against all comers.”3

The link to the whole article is provided in the citation, should you find yourself burning with curiosity. And with that, I must bid you adieu. Thanks for reading.


1. If you haven’t seen my matches, they can be found here.

2. Maybe I’m the only one who associates ‘informed, dramatic flourishes’ with the author. But I don’t think so.


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