Grapple America

The Blog Entry In Which The Jiu-Jitsu Wanderer Is Shown In Action

I got a hold of the tape for my matches from Grapple America, a tournament in Austin which took place on September 3rd, 2011. This was the “185 lb and above,” purple belt, with, I believe, four people in the division. It turned out to be an average-sized local tournament, even if my particular division was not that big.

I’m posting the second match first, and the first match second. The reason is that I caught the guy from the second match with the first move in the series; and the guy from the first match got caught some moves further down the same sequence. If you look carefully, I even used the same takedown. These two matches round out my weight division.

Match 2

Match 1

Match 3

As I remember, the brackets initially had ten people registered for the purple belt absolute – including the two guys I had just finished beating. But when it came time to grapple, everyone had either left or otherwise withdrawn…with the exception of this fellow here. As we waited for the ref to arrive, he made fun of my blue belt. 😦

The first forty seconds or so of the match are missing. After making a brief attempt to take him down, I pulled guard on him (along the same lines as the earlier match). He jammed my butterfly guard, and worked his leap/sprawling-like pass twice. Both times he nearly passed and was up two advantages to zero.

If you watched the video of the match, and I hope you did, then you know this point here is precisely where I should insert some witty aphorism about this third and final match.  “He who laughs last…” or “Don’t judge a book…” or George Carlin’s thoughts on white guys who shave their heads would probably suffice.1  But because I might have broken this guy’s collarbone, because he yelled in my ear, then sat up, and keeled over as though someone had shot him mid-match, I…will abstain. I don’t want to, but I will.  But I don’t want to.

Incidentally, the last photo is not of the actual finish.  But I had to include it because the photos taken of me are very dramatic.  A special thanks to Shama Ko for taking said dramatic photos of the tournament.

Let me again thank my teammates for helping me prepare.  I know that all of them could have, in their own way, done what I happened to have accomplished two Saturdays ago.  And thanks, of course, goes to my instructor who has labored over these past six months to put the disparate pieces of my bjj into a more cohesive whole.

With bigger stages laying as of yet untested, I bid you adieu my audience.  Have a pleasant rest of the week.


1. That was from “You Are All Diseased” if memory serves me correct.


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