Digression and News

A number of things have kept me from my beloved mats this past week. Let me say that I try to train at least four times a week, Monday through Wednesday and at least once on the weekend. And I try to do at least some exercise every day.1

What has been occupying my attention lately? The gigantic fire in Bastrop which has eaten over a 1,000 houses, for one.



My aunt and her family live in Bastrop. As it happens, their house did not burn down. But according to my cousin, word at his high school was that about one in four families in Bastrop lost their home.2 She took me to see some of the burned areas; and I’m not sure if I have the words to convey what the scorched lands resembled. Nor am I sure whether it is my place to do so. Ash forests. Blackened trees. Solitary fireplaces standing in grey powder clearings. I don’t know. It was awful. And I’m stopping. Now.


Last week’s entry was by far the most popular entry I’ve ever written. Being a member in a clutch of witty, writer-types does not have a plethora of benefits, admittedly. But the few benefits one does reap are both specialized and bountiful.3 By the way, my audience, if you feel inclined to submit a review of my blog, I invite you to do so. thejiujitsuwanderer@gmail.com Good, bad, outrageous – if you give me permission, I’ll publish it in the next round of reviews. Seriously.


Gracie Legacy is hosting a free, open door seminar Sunday, September 25th. If you get a chance and have the time, sign up for it.



From the tournament last week:

Thanks for reading.


1. In exchange, I allow myself to eat whatever I want and as much as I want. You think this is a joke, but my ability to eat would shock you,(and rock you like a hurricane). Lame. That. Was. Lame. But true.

2. Let me say here and now that I have been unable to corroborate this claim with any official source. Just to take a fast and dirty approximation (as my Greek physics professor used to say): the population of Bastrop is 8000, the average US household is 3.14 people, and there were 1554 houses burned —> 5 out of 8 families lost their homes in the Bastrop area, as a ‘gisting’ approximation. Before you flip out, there are problems with each variable: The fire did not exclusively take place in the city of Bastrop, the average-sized US household may not hold for rural populations, and the number of houses destroyed by the fire is expected to go up. Two conclusions. 1. The Bastrop fire was devastating. 2. To say one in four people in Bastrop lost their homes is at least plausible.

3. “Hey, can you blurb my blog for me? You know, give the audience a compelling reason to read it.”

“The Jiu-Jitsu Wanderer: There Might Be Tits.”

“No, something a little more appropriate.”

“The Jiu-Jitsu Wanderer: Inane Ramblings of a Syphilitic Mind.”

“…I’m probably not going to use that one…”

“The Jiu-Jitsu Wanderer: Now in Iambic Pentameter.”


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