Product Review: Scramble “Bushido Athletics” Shorts

The guys at BJJHQ were nice enough to send me some Scramble ‘Bushido Athletics’ Shorts in purple and yellow.

From Scramble’s Website:  “Scramble is here to rescue you from flying skulls, winged skulls, flying winged skulls with top hats on, minotaurs, bulging muscle man, dragons with flying skulls and top hats on them, flying minotaurs with winged skulls and flames, and all the other crap that infests the visual side of the MMA world.”1

They are light, first of all. That was really the first thing that struck me. I could not believe how light they were. The Sprawl shorts I bought while in college feel three or four times heavier than these, literally. To explain what it’s like switching between the shorts, and to use an obscure reference, I feel like The Hobbits must have felt after receiving those cloaks from Galadriel and the elves of Lothlorien.2 These shorts feel like elven magic.

More seriously, lighter in better. Being in the throes of another Austin summer, I am definitely not complaining. In fact, I decided to wear the shorts on a 4.2 mile run around Lady Bird Lake, and I have no complaints to voice.

Okay, okay, but what about for grappling? After a week of straight training, both gi and no-gi, I am happy to report no problems, major or minor, to be found. I am more flexible than your average bear, and have not noticed any restriction in the range of motion for either my hips or my legs. Anybody who has had the displeasure of grappling in bad shorts knows the situation too well. “I’d really like to armbar this guy who’s stacking me in my guard, but that’d tear my shorts down the middle.” Yes, so no problems with range of motion.

My two main concerns were the weight/material of the shorts, and whether or not they would restrict range of motion for me (because I’m flexible). Aside from that, I don’t have much else to say. The shorts came with some bells and whistles, including an inner-drawstring, a sewn-in pocket to hold a mouthpiece (presumably); they strap closed with velcro, and have an elastic waistband for a secure fit. While I do not grapple with a mouthpiece, I was definitely able to fully secure the shorts to my body whether I was running or grappling.

Is there anything I did not like? Despite what you may have heard, purple is not exactly my favorite color. But I’m a ‘function first, aesthetics second’ kind of fellow, so it does not really bother me. Getting too caught up in the color is to miss the forest for one particular tree, anyway.

Overall, I highly recommend the shorts to anyone with a little cash to spend. 4.5 stars out of 5. And to close, I’d like to share with you the quote printed behind the label of these shorts:

“The weakest of all weak things is a virtue that has not been tested by fire.” – Mark Twain.


1. After reading that, I immediately (a) wanted to work for the company and (b) rued the fact that I had not written that clever paragraph myself.

2. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s okay. The scene didn’t make the theatrical cut, and had just the briefest of mentions in the director’s edition.


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