Brief Thoughts On Open Seminar

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to my readership for the tardiness of this post. For my few loyal readers – you know who you are – I’m sorry. I find myself strangely busy sometimes, though I am still unemployed (and have been for the past four months). Where does the time in the day go? And what are my days going to be like when I can’t just, on a whim, decide to watch every single movie with Bill Murray in it?1 What are my days going to be like when I can’t just get on YouTube to nerdout in the extreme?2 Anyway, let me not needlessly burden this entry with digressions and the ramblings of the unemployed…

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity attend a seminar. It was the first in a series of free seminars open to all the students of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Austin, and the surrounding areas. Of all the things worth mentioning, I am happiest to report the sense of honest camaraderie we all had while joining together to study, and further (in our own small way) our Gentle Art. With multiple schools and different banners training for a few hours under one roof, I guess I had sort of presumed that there would be at least one incident or tense moment. Can’t we all think of at least one occasion where the tinder for a potential incident was available at a seminar full of students from the same academy? I know I can.3 But there was not a single incident.

I would also like to say that it strikes me as ‘probably distasteful’ to divulge what exactly we learned, at the very least without permission. But there were a few lofty, Philosophy of Jiu-Jitsu ideas brought up and discussed at some length during the seminar which I would like to address in my next entry.  Coming in a few days (no later), I will more deeply consider, ponder, and ‘unpack’ what it means when an instructor says “Jiu-Jitsu is not for winning, but for not-losing.”  Until then, thanks for reading.


1.     I’ve actually done it. Quiz me, I dare you.

2.   Physical Cosmology:

The Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior professor’s digressions on bats have given me such a keen appreciation for the animals that live (and shit) under Congress Bridge:

3.  Though, now that I consider it more carefully, the two separate incidents both had to do with the same student.


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